How kindergarten curriculum balances play and academics

Kindergarten marks an important milestone in your child educational journey. It is the first step which your child will take towards formal schooling and they will need to develop certain skills which will help set the foundation for future academic success. It is important that the kindergarten which is selected for your child should have a curriculum that’s right a balance between play and academics. It should be a combination of structured learning along with creative play experiences so that a well rounded and engaging environment can be provided to the child for their Holistic development.

Why consider sending your child to Beau desert Kindergarten

It needs to be kept in mind that play is an important component of early childhood education. It is with the help of play, that children are able to know more about the world around them and also make sense of their experiences. On the whole, it can help them develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills. Children can imagine and complete problem solving activities along with expressing themselves. It is a curriculum that fosters curiosity as well as creativity.

Kindergarten should have play incorporated in such a way that it is integrated into the academic activities. The math’s concepts are usually introduced with the help of a hands on game where the children are able to sort and count and explore different patterns. In the same way reading is facilitated with the help of story telling or dramatic play. Scientific concepts are also introduced and children are taught different things with simple experiments and sensory activities. The academic content is embedded in the curriculum in such a way that it  created in play based experience and children are able to learn in a meaningful and engaging matter. They are able to make the connections between abstract concepts and connect it with their real life experiences.

However it is not only play which is introduced to the children but they are also provided with different kinds of academic activities which are in keeping with their curriculum. These are activities which will help build essential Foundation skills such as literacy and numeracy. Children are also provided an opportunity to improve critical thinking and their ability to understand written instruction and create phonemic awareness which helps them recognize letters and teaches early reading strategies.

It is through the integration of play and academics in the curriculum which can help improve the social and emotional skills in children. Children are allowed to practice social interaction where they learn resolution skills along with their peers. It is with the help of the activities that children learn the importance of communication and negotiation. Sometimes children are also provided with role plays which can help develop social skills and this is the kind of social learning which is essential in order to help the children build their relationships and understand others within the community.

Make sure that you speak with the staff at a child care centre around Beaudesert for further information.


Best Advantages of Art Prints Brisbane

Kitting out space in your home or office in Brisbane is easily achieved by using art prints, Brisbane. The hugely popular art prints make it one of the long-lasting interior design trends in homes, offices, restaurants, and almost anywhere.

The art reproductions provided by art prints, Brisbane offer many residents top go-to choices when it comes to design and beauty.

Some of the best advantages provided by art prints to make them the top choice anytime and all the time include:

Artistic versatility and flexibility

Art prints have always been considered versatile and flexible artworks. The wide range of available styles, shapes, colours, sizes, and designs make them so. This means that having a work of art mounted on the walls of your home or office depends on taste and preference.

A tight corner can be fitted with the exact small print or a focal point can be created with a bold art print design. Whatever you want, you are sure to get from an art print.

Easy on the budget

Original art pieces can come with a hefty price. Not the case with art prints that enables you to have artwork from a master minus the expensive price tag. Every corner of your home can be filled with original works courtesy of inexpensive art prints. Great artwork becomes an affordable option that can be enjoyed for a long time.

Allows you access to great works of art

Art prints allow you access to great works of art without having to pay a bundle for it. It also allows budding artists the chance to display their artwork for them to get a loyal following.

Not having to buy an original work when one can acquire the same artwork for less money is perhaps the top benefit art prints provide for a lot of people. One-off pieces cannot be missed opportunities when art prints make it possible to own one.

Long-lasting piece of artwork

The exact replication of colours and design of an original piece of artwork is the most attractive feature of art prints. Art prints make it extra special by creating a piece of artwork replica with colours that won’t fade or run overtime.

The long shelf life of art prints that make them look as fresh as the time they were bought is its outstanding edge from hand-painted art. Not having to be overprotective about your art prints means that you have the assurance that its colours won’t fade or run even when placed in sunny spots in the home.

Stylish art

The clean and contemporary look is what makes art prints famous. The streamlined and simple finish of art prints is the top feature that sets it apart from the usual limitations and medium of some artists. The stylish and sleek look of art prints makes them acceptable to any setting.

Available in a wide variety of print materials and method

The flexibility and versatility of art prints mean choosing the framing and using the desired printing materials and methods. The wide variety of options makes it possible to get a one-of-a-kind art print based on taste and preference.

The wide options provided by art prints guarantee the artwork based on your style, taste, and preference.

Kindergarten at Kenmore Hills

Kindergarten is a must stage for school children to pass through before advancing to grade on and the rest. Kindergarten may have been underrated, but the facts of the matter remain – it should be considered an important transition for students to be ready for their first-grade schooling.

What happens when you first enroll your kid for kindergarten?

The school will welcome all the first time schoolers to a conference where each parent interacts with the kids and the teachers to establish a good rapport for the experience and the journey ahead. Here, the parent will get an opportunity to share the culture and the interests of the child with the teacher. It will be a tough time ahead of all the parties. The kid, for example, will have to adapt to living without their parents nearby, something they are used to all the time long. As for the parent, they will have to adapt to stay far away from their kids a new phenomenon and the teachers will learn to spend time with strangers kids, they are not sure if they will get along well or not. From there, life will then flow, as usual, morning dropping the kids at school and evening picking up the kids from school.

The teacher or caregiver will take almost the whole month or two learning the child’s interests and skills through intentional and natural interactions and observations to gather information about the child’s abilities to report to the child assessment desk. These assessments will help kindergarten management to develop diagnostic data about your child’s social and emotional behaviour, physical, skills, cognitive, language, mathematical skills, and psychomotor skills.

This information will be shared with the parents so that they are aware of their child’s performance so that they can design how to boost growth and development while at home. A good start at kindergarten level will matter for the rest of the child’s school life. The child will climb the ladder through the competency-based model of learning with literacy-rich exploratory experience, maths, social skills and science. While at kindergarten, your child will have fun most of the school time through playing and interacting with other kids of the same level.

Facilities in Kindergarten

Kindergarten kids are playful, with the right play facilities their development curve will improve tremendously. It is therefore critical to choose a kindergarten with upgraded and state-of-the-art play facilities if you want your kid to have a good knowledge foundation. These facilities should be designed carefully with complete child development experience in mind to craft engaging and exciting facilities for the little ones to have a joyful play while learning new things in their lives. These facilities should strive to balance a child between play and learning, care and wildness. The facilities in kindergarten should gather for the children’s needs of different levels to avoid injuries and scramble for those facilities. They should be enough for every kid to have their turn to explore and play. At Kenmore Hills kindergarten, kids can use tools, toys, and equipment that will help them develop physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.

Another crucial factor is the ability for the caregivers to give special attention to the individual needs of a child. Every child has their weaknesses and abilities. Talent nurturing should be spotted from kindergarten and developed by professionals all through the child’s school life. Nobody knows, some people have grown to be professionals with their talents, and that is what has been bringing food to their tables to date. Therefore talent nurturing should be embraced in the early years of a child’s education.



How to choose the right private school

With your child about to start school, you must be in a fix on choosing the right private school for them. There are quite a few private schools in Brisbane. Each claims to offer the best quality education for your child. Weighing the pros and cons of each school is quite important. There are certain things which should be kept in mind when selecting a school for your child. The following are a few tips which would help you choose the right private school in Brisbane.

Get to know why you are sending your child to a private school?

The first step to finding the right private school is to understand why you want to send your child to a private school. Is the reason academic? Do you want your child to have a much better quality of education provided at a private school in Brisbane? Perhaps you are concerned about your child’s special abilities. Parents with gifted children often consider a private education because they believe their child would get the right kind of nurturing to excel. Sometimes the only reason why a parent is interested in a private education is because they want what is the very best for your child.

Practical requirements you should look into before sending your child to a private school in Brisbane

  • How far is the school from the home? If children have to travel long hours, do consider the age of the child as well. Maybe your child would get too tired and the schedule a bit too much for them.
  • Does the school provide transportation or would you have to arrange your own
  • Would your child need after school care?
  • Also keep in mind the budget of a private school. These schools have a fee structure which is much more than the one compared to a local school. Get to know the tuition fees and all the extra charges which you are expected to pay. If it’s within your budget, you may consider the private school.
  • Also there are private schools which cater o a variety of genres. There are military schools, religious schools, schools with specialised curriculum for gifted children. Make sure you have all the necessary information.

Considering all of the above practical requirements would actually help you short lit the right private school for your child.

Once you have viewed all the above practical aspects about the school, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Does the school have a set curriculum with the aim of college preparation in mind?
  • Does the school have modern and innovative facilities? While it is something which isn’t really important to some parents, there are those who want their child to have a completely modern education.
  • What kind of approach the school has towards learning? A traditional approach or a state of the art modern approach which teaches alternate curriculum.
  • Does the school involve parents in the co-curricular activities?

Make sure you consider all of the above when choose a private school in Brisbane for your child.

Helping Your Child Improve Their Writing Skills

When children enter kindergarten they are made to learn a variety of skills. Writing skills is just one of them. The following are some tips and tricks from Busy Bees Kindergarten in Baldivis to help your child develop writing skills.

Start with a brainstorming session

Children love discussing new ideas. Help them choose a topic which they would like to talk about. You can use a story map, templates are easily available online. These maps help children jot down ideas as soon as they think about them. Once all the ideas are in writing, it makes it easier for them to form coherent sentences.

Help children focus

Once the child has written down certain words and ideas in the map let them focus on it by reading out the words which have been written. Start by giving them hints on how things could be or what else they think should be added to their story. Your child might tend to lose focus at some point. No need to worry, it’s just practice. It’s you who should allow them to develop focus on their own pace to allow for proper writing skills to develop.

Make it easy to access writing material

Make sure you have papers handy. Lined or unlined. Colourful crayons, colour pencils are a must. Keep in mind that kindergarteners are very young. They might often form an idea in the form of a drawing. You are the one who should help give them words to describe those drawings in details. Allow your child a freehand to make use of the writing material.

Breaking down ideas

Often a child has o much going on in their mind. They might try to get it all down on paper. To you it might not seem to make a great deal of sense but to your child it’s a treasure trove of what they feel jotted down on paper. Help your child pick things which might be more in relation to the topic they want to talk about. Helping your child pick the relevant stuff is a good exercise in helping them form cohesive stories.

Forming sentences

This is the important part. Your child has their ideas shortlisted. Now they are talking about what they did or feel. If they are talking about a picnic help they form sentences like I went on a picnic. Now ask them to repeat the sentence and count the words. This is a good way of ensuring that when your child starts writing the sentence they wouldn’t leave out any of the words. Do not focus too much on their spelling. Children eventually learn it. Just ask them to use their phonics to write a certain word. Also be ready to help if you feel they are confused. This can help decrease writing anxiety. Do not place too much emphasis on correct spelling. That is something which would come to the child eventually.

Just ensuring that your child practices writing using the above mentioned tips can help them become better writers.

Choosing Which Daycare

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Daycare in Townsville

There are many daycare options in Townsville where you can consider bringing your child, but you never have to rush a decision. It is mandatory that you keep your standards high and considerations strictly followed.

To help you choose the right daycare or kindergarten in Townsville, below is a compilation of the 5 important things you need to look for:

  • Secure and safe

Security and safety is no doubt your first priority. Do an visual inspection of the facility, checking to see if the equipment and building are in best condition. Know how they handle security. Do they allow anyone to get in and out of the facility? Are the exits and entryways highly monitored?

  • Healthy and clean

Cleanliness is another factor that should be highly prioritized. Caretakers should encourage the children and staff to wash their hands often, particularly before eating and after they use the restroom. The caretakers must do it as well and lead by example. The children should see them doing the same things, including after changing diapers.

  • Responsive and warm

It is necessary that you leave your child in a loving, kind environment. Knowing that there is someone to attend to any of your child’s needs is comforting. Listen to how conversation between the teacher and children happen, noting the respect that should come not only from your child but teachers as well. Also, see how the teacher tries to reach out to the children, while infants should be carried and held both often and lovingly.

  • Dynamic and stimulating

It is necessary that children are always engaged in different activities, including play. It is necessary that they are kept engaged through exploration, interaction and reading. Check for the availability of different materials, like books, puzzles, blocks, play materials, and equipment where they can run, climb, throw balls and the like outside the facility.

  • Accredited and recommended

References can go a very long way, hence should be highly considered. You can ask the facility’s contact person for reference contact numbers, which may be previous or current enrolled families. Call each of them and ask for real-life experiences, feedback and other objective information that can help you assess whether you are dealing with the right facility. If they decline to provide you with the information you ask for, better run and look for another facility.

Accreditation and state licensing are important, too. You do not need to have a copy of it, but you need to know they have it. Same as with references, if they deny to show you a copy of their state licensing and accreditation, leave immediately.

Looking for the best daycare for your child can be a daunting job, yet using the right considerations will lead you to the best decision.

To study in Australia, discover the country of kangaroos

Australia is certainly one of the most popular student destinations. Studying in Australia will allow you to learn English in an Anglo-Saxon environment, while enjoying a pleasant climate, a fulfilling student life, and many activities.  However, the excellence of his teaching has a cost that everyone can not afford …. Choose to study in Australia, information,

steps, tips:

Formalities to study in AustraliaHow to register alone at Australian universities? We describe the general procedures , and give you more details by level of study in Australia after the bac , after a bac +2 , and after a bac +3 . The university system in Australia    Want to know more about the university system in Australia? The article on the Australian university system and diplomas , as well as the article on the best Australian universities are for you.

Scholarships to study in Australia

Looking for a way to finance your studies in Australia? The various scholarships for a French student wishing to study in Australia are presented in ” Scholarships in Australia “.

Insurance to study in Australia

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Au pair in Australia

Would you like to go as an au pair to Australia? The different requirements as well as the different possibilities are explained in ” Becoming au-pair in Australia ” .

Budget to study in Australia

Do you want to get an idea of ​​the budget for studying in Australia? A simulation on a complete year of study in Australia is proposed in ” The budget to study in Australia “.

 A student job in Australia

You want to find a student job on the spot during your studies? Research methods and tips are given in ” Finding a Student Job While Studying in Australia “.

To go to Australia

Want to know more about how to get to Australia? We present you the steps to obtain a student visa , as well as the various companies to go to Australia .

Study in Australia, our partners:

Study experience, partner for studies in England    Study Experience is an international university placement agency, whose mission is to help students in their efforts to study abroad. Study Experience deals with students wishing to study in Australia, for all formalities, and advice throughout their course. More info in ” APUI “.

Chapka Assurances,

partner for studies in England    Chapka Assurances is an insurer specializing in departures abroad , especially for studies with  its CAP Student formula , and accompanies every year students leaving to study in Australia.

Forum on Studies in England

Do you have questions about studies in Australia? Feel free to visit our forum, and  create an account on the site to ask and answer questions on the forum studies in Australia .

Why study in Australia?

Prestigious universities and quality education

Australian universities have a very good reputation in the world, with 7 of these being among the top 100  (according to QS World University Rankings). Know also that the land of kangaroos is the third most popular destination for international students.

The quality of Australian education is probably there for something. In this far-off country, teachers are listening, available, and emphasize classroom interaction. As a result, you will grow out of this experience, with more confidence in yourself, public speaking facilities and a developed critical mind, so many benefits for your future professional life!But the first reason to study in Australia remains the language: to become bilingual ! Speaking the language of Shakespeare is today a way to stand out by looking for a job in France. It is also an obligation if one is destined for an international career.Australia, a life like no other In addition to well-known teaching, international students arrive in Australia for its beneficial living climate. This country in the southern hemisphere has some of the most liveable cities in the world.

Thus, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth ranked in 2015 in the top 10 ranking of cities with the best quality of life , according to the annual survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Life on the antipodes is as much more relaxed than we are used to in France or Belgium. Want to surf the Gold Coast after a few hours of classes? To go camping on the Great Ocean Road for a weekend? In Australia, you can reconcile your passions and your studies, shine in class while oxygenating you as much as possible!

This atmosphere also joins the campus of the university! 
With a park for Sunday walks, sports facilities, several libraries, but also restaurants and shops, you will feel at home in this small village.Discover a country, its inhabitants, but more. By staying in Australia with a working holiday visa (see also the PVT section  ), it is sometimes difficult to integrate, if not to the thousands of backpackers who populate youth hostels and tourist sites.  By opting for a student visa , you will experience a real immersion in the lifestyle of Australians , who will welcome you with open arms. For that, you can find a student job for socializing outside the university, choose a housing Homestay to discover local customs, attending a sporting event, or just to invite you to a barbecue (the national specialty)!

But if you think you are experiencing a single culture, think again! This trip will also be an opportunity to discover the ancestral traditions of the aborigines, a long history of immigration and a mosaic of cultures. The city districts reflect this melting pot, which is also introduced to the university.You will have unforgettable encounters with students from all over the world, from Indonesia, Vietnam and Chile.

Take the time to travel!

Australia is often a dream come true, a desire for wide open spaces, breathtaking landscapes, iconic animals, multicultural and modern cities … You can enjoy all of this by studying in this area. distant country.Also, what do you think of a road trip during the long holidays or a short trip during the semester break? If you have taken your homework in advance of course … It takes time to visit a country as big as fourteen times France, and in passing a few years, you will find!