How kindergarten curriculum balances play and academics

Kindergarten marks an important milestone in your child educational journey. It is the first step which your child will take towards formal schooling and they will need to develop certain skills which will help set the foundation for future academic success. It is important that the kindergarten which is selected for your child should have a curriculum that’s right a balance between play and academics. It should be a combination of structured learning along with creative play experiences so that a well rounded and engaging environment can be provided to the child for their Holistic development.

Why consider sending your child to Beau desert Kindergarten

It needs to be kept in mind that play is an important component of early childhood education. It is with the help of play, that children are able to know more about the world around them and also make sense of their experiences. On the whole, it can help them develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills. Children can imagine and complete problem solving activities along with expressing themselves. It is a curriculum that fosters curiosity as well as creativity.

Kindergarten should have play incorporated in such a way that it is integrated into the academic activities. The math’s concepts are usually introduced with the help of a hands on game where the children are able to sort and count and explore different patterns. In the same way reading is facilitated with the help of story telling or dramatic play. Scientific concepts are also introduced and children are taught different things with simple experiments and sensory activities. The academic content is embedded in the curriculum in such a way that it  created in play based experience and children are able to learn in a meaningful and engaging matter. They are able to make the connections between abstract concepts and connect it with their real life experiences.

However it is not only play which is introduced to the children but they are also provided with different kinds of academic activities which are in keeping with their curriculum. These are activities which will help build essential Foundation skills such as literacy and numeracy. Children are also provided an opportunity to improve critical thinking and their ability to understand written instruction and create phonemic awareness which helps them recognize letters and teaches early reading strategies.

It is through the integration of play and academics in the curriculum which can help improve the social and emotional skills in children. Children are allowed to practice social interaction where they learn resolution skills along with their peers. It is with the help of the activities that children learn the importance of communication and negotiation. Sometimes children are also provided with role plays which can help develop social skills and this is the kind of social learning which is essential in order to help the children build their relationships and understand others within the community.

Make sure that you speak with the staff at a child care centre around Beaudesert for further information.


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