How to Start a Child-care Facility

Do you have a passion for kids? Does the children’s noise sound like a melody to your ears? Do you enjoy the company of kids? Then read on for a perfect business opportunity. For a successful business venture in childcare, you’ve got to be passionate about children.

In recent years, the number of parents working both singles and couples is ever-growing hence the need for childcare services. This need is creating a wonderful business opportunity waiting for entrepreneurs who love and are truly passionate about children to grab. Childcare business opportunities range from small home-based childcare to large commercial childcare facilities.

This is a business that can take off the ground with a few hundreds of dollars and believe me when I say the business can outburst into a large commercial childcare centre within a few years. A childcare business can create job opportunities for other people while maintaining a growing revenue stream for the entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur you have flexibility when it comes to services to offer, for example, you can limit your clientele to a certain age group and tailor your operating hours to meet their daily needs. You may also choose to offer transportation to your clients to and from the centre. Or you may choose to take children out on a trip on specific days of the week. The primary goal here is to take care of someone else’s child until they return from work in the evening.

You may also choose to follow regulated child care programs that require preparing a child for school programs. Remember the children are left under your custody and it is your responsibility to ensure their safety and health until their parents pick them in the evening.

For working parents, it is not simply finding a workable solution for their child’s needs. Some parents try all childcare options available in the quest to find the right childcare options. For example, if you asked a parent how many options they have tried, you will not be surprised when they mention family friends, child care centres, daycare nannies, etc.

Find a childcare facility that you would like to follow as a model. King Kids have best practices that you can adapt in your own facility.

Starting a childcare business: are you up to the task?

Certain characteristics will tell whether you can handle children or operate a daycare centre successfully. As an entrepreneur in this delicate area, you need to be a more energetic, business-oriented, self-starter, competent leader with a pleasant personality and professionalism. If you are going to own childcare business, you’ve got to love children and exhibit high tolerance.

Starting a childcare business requires a few weeks of planning and resources depending on the type of childcare business you wish to start.

Here is a checklist for the startup and you are free to tailor it to meet your situation:

  • Type of childcare centre: do you wish to operate as home-based childcare or commercial?
  • Licensing: think of the kind of license you require and from which government agencies. Consider the cost and the requirements to get the licensing.
  • Training and certifications: Do you need to undergo some certification training? Which level of training do you need? What about your employees, do they have relevant training and certifications?
  • Market: research the market to find out the childcare needs and demand.
  • Other items in the checklist include; financing, legal requirements, health and safety, programs, insurance, equipment, and staffing needs.

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