Kindergarten at Kenmore Hills

Kindergarten is a must stage for school children to pass through before advancing to grade on and the rest. Kindergarten may have been underrated, but the facts of the matter remain – it should be considered an important transition for students to be ready for their first-grade schooling.

What happens when you first enroll your kid for kindergarten?

The school will welcome all the first time schoolers to a conference where each parent interacts with the kids and the teachers to establish a good rapport for the experience and the journey ahead. Here, the parent will get an opportunity to share the culture and the interests of the child with the teacher. It will be a tough time ahead of all the parties. The kid, for example, will have to adapt to living without their parents nearby, something they are used to all the time long. As for the parent, they will have to adapt to stay far away from their kids a new phenomenon and the teachers will learn to spend time with strangers kids, they are not sure if they will get along well or not. From there, life will then flow, as usual, morning dropping the kids at school and evening picking up the kids from school.

The teacher or caregiver will take almost the whole month or two learning the child’s interests and skills through intentional and natural interactions and observations to gather information about the child’s abilities to report to the child assessment desk. These assessments will help kindergarten management to develop diagnostic data about your child’s social and emotional behaviour, physical, skills, cognitive, language, mathematical skills, and psychomotor skills.

This information will be shared with the parents so that they are aware of their child’s performance so that they can design how to boost growth and development while at home. A good start at kindergarten level will matter for the rest of the child’s school life. The child will climb the ladder through the competency-based model of learning with literacy-rich exploratory experience, maths, social skills and science. While at kindergarten, your child will have fun most of the school time through playing and interacting with other kids of the same level.

Facilities in Kindergarten

Kindergarten kids are playful, with the right play facilities their development curve will improve tremendously. It is therefore critical to choose a kindergarten with upgraded and state-of-the-art play facilities if you want your kid to have a good knowledge foundation. These facilities should be designed carefully with complete child development experience in mind to craft engaging and exciting facilities for the little ones to have a joyful play while learning new things in their lives. These facilities should strive to balance a child between play and learning, care and wildness. The facilities in kindergarten should gather for the children’s needs of different levels to avoid injuries and scramble for those facilities. They should be enough for every kid to have their turn to explore and play. At Kenmore Hills kindergarten, kids can use tools, toys, and equipment that will help them develop physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially.

Another crucial factor is the ability for the caregivers to give special attention to the individual needs of a child. Every child has their weaknesses and abilities. Talent nurturing should be spotted from kindergarten and developed by professionals all through the child’s school life. Nobody knows, some people have grown to be professionals with their talents, and that is what has been bringing food to their tables to date. Therefore talent nurturing should be embraced in the early years of a child’s education.



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