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Product Photography in Sydney

A picture can say so much in a thousand words. Imagine what it’s worth if converted to money. Photography is very important because people are not good at describing what they see. For online retailers, product photography for e-commerce needs to supplement the five senses for the item that a shopper relies on to purchase the item.

Product photography has a considerable ground to cover if it is to deliver the sales. Quality photography is supposed to replace a customer’s five senses. All retailers should have an aim of displaying their products to their prospective and existing customers.

As a retailer, you might know your product inside out, but your customer might not know your product. Today’s customers are web-savvy and look for information that will help them make a decision to purchase. The customers will look at online reviews of a product, Pinterest, social shares and bloggers.

Therefore, when your products are presented through quality photography it will enable an e-commerce retailer to be heard and add value and worthiness. The authority that comes with good photography generates the trust of customers. There are many discussions on the perceived value of a product, according to the customer.

When distinguishing competitors, this is very is very important. When a customer sees two products that are identical, with the same prices but in different websites, in this case the quality of photography that is used to highlight the product that will convert the sale.

Human beings are attracted to the things that look good to the eye. It is by no surprise that photography can lure to sell more. Simplicity is key when taking photos; things should look and feel sleek, fluid and minimal.

A great photography leaves a statement that is bigger than just one product. Removing the clatter in your imagery and keeping the focus on the product only, will give you a more versatile image that you can use for several things. It will also help improve your product’s perceived value and the brand in entirety.

The context of the image and the background is very important to the product images. The backdrop should allow the focus to be on the product and lifestyle images, where the customer is seeking empathy and recognition. Provide consistency in your images.

During your photo shoots, consider the design of your website. Will the design work well with portraits, landscape or square images? Does it allow space for writing either alongside the image or on top of the image?

The designer at the start will be given a library of quality images so that they are able to shape the design around it, this will give a better design process.

Consider different views for the product. Underneath, close-ups, from the inside looking outside. When you have enough detailed options, then you can present the product to the potential customers, they will have less questions.

There will be less product returns because the customers understand the products. Remember to use a high-resolution camera and invest in good photography. Work with a trusted photographer   

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