Secondary School Education

What You Need to Know in Secondary School Education in Australia

Australia is a well-known secondary education destination for many international students. They provide a high quality of education that is recognized internationally. Australia also provides a comfortable, safe and multicultural environment. Education in Australia aspires to give students the right skills for future study and possible employment anywhere.

Courses and qualifications

Their secondary schools strictly hold on to a national prospectus or curriculum framework that is being developed progressively and apply in schools to put high national standards in mathematics, English, history, science, geography, languages, health and physical education, the arts, civic and citizenship, information and communication technology, business and economics.

For a school to get accreditation to cater international students, they should have access to or must provide, specialist English language programs.

Finding secondary school

Secondary schools provide different optional subjects, areas of specialization and class structures. Other than the subjects being offered, it is highly recommended to check and qualify the school’s extracurricular activities and focus so you can find the best schools that will suit both your interest and educational needs.

  • Make use of the internet to research on the school of your choice. You do not need to be in Australia to find a school; you can check on the internet, scan through their website and give them a call
  • Take your time. Education should be planned, hence if you are looking at moving to Australia for secondary education, start planning months or a year before the start of school year
  • Focus on your educational and future goals and make sure the school you choose will help you get there

Vocational training and The International Baccalaureate (IB)

The number of schools in Australia providing VET or Vocational Education and Training subjects included in their school curriculum is increasing. The subjects will give students the opportunity to acquire practical work based proficiency while on the process of finishing their senior secondary education. Providing these subjects adhere to Australia’s pledge in giving students a balanced education which will make them prepared and ready to face challenges after secondary school education.

The IB diploma, on the other hand, is for students between the age of 16 – 19, who want to be ready as they will face challenges as they conquer universities. This qualification is highly recognized around the world. Programs are also available for primary year students (from 3 to 12 years of age) and middle year students (from 11 to 16 years of age).

Before a school can offer IB diploma programme, they should be authorised first by the International Baccalaureate organisation.

Tuition fee cost

The fee for secondary school education varies from AUD$ 7800 up to $30000 a year. The fee varies from one school to another, hence the best way to source this information is by calling the individual schools you are looking at to consider for your secondary school education.

You may also want to consider other expenses, like uniform (if there are any), dormitories, miscellaneous, books and other school supplies.

If Australia is where you want to pursue your secondary school education, you are leaning towards the best decision. There are entry requirements you must look at like academic records together with other factors that may include extracurricular achievements like in sports. Assess your qualifications and start submitting your applications.