The importance of early learning 

Early learning has a crucial role for the cognitive and social well-being of young children. it has a positive impact on the parents as well. it allows them to work or attend to their other responsibilities. On the other hand, children who attend early learning centres have a solid foundation for achieving success in their future educational life. The following is a simple guide for parents to understand the importance of early learning 

The importance of a Pendle Hill early learning program 

The age from birth to five years is a period of rapid neuron development. 90% of brain development occurs during this time. It is a critical period for learning and growth and has an impact on the child’s future success in education. A child who has access to early learning programmes can develop cognitive and social skills that are necessary for school readiness. 

 The benefits of early learning for children 

  1. Children’s brain develops fast from birth to age 5 and attending day care can help improve their brain development. 
  2. It allows them to achieve greater success in life. children who participate in early education programs have a better chance of enrolling in high school and it increased graduation rate compared to children who do not attend these programmes. 
  3. Early learning centres have a positive impact on the society. It helps children to have a high-quality education so that they can earn higher wages and contribute to the society. 

The benefits of early learning for parents 

Parents who send their children to early learning centres have the freedom to work and attend to other responsibilities. They can secure full time work or even run errands while their children are kept engaged in a nurturing environment. 

Parents have a critical role in the child’s early education. When they have active parental involvement, they can reinforce the important skills the child learns at home as well and the teachers make sure that they’re informed about their child’s progress. 

There are several ways in which parents can support early learning. It is essential that all parents are in touch with the teachers so that they are able to provide a good platform for the children. 

How can parents help support the Pendle Hill early learning programme? 

 There are certain ways in which parents can contribute to the child social and cognitive development. 

  • Parents are responsible for reading to their children regularly to help develop their literacy skills and nurture or love for reading and learning. 
  • They can allow children to perform diverse activities at home which can help improve their physical and social skills. 
  •  It is essential for parents to be actively involved in their child’s early childhood education. Doing so would allow the child to develop holistically. However, it is important that parents invest in a good early learning programme so that their children are provided with a strong foundation for future success. 

Before you enrol your child at a trusted Pendle Hill early learning facility, it is essential that you carry out proper research and background checking.

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