Tips for Parents from Preschool Teachers

Parents usually feel worried about sending their children to preschool. They often make an assumption that their child is too young to do things independently. This results in them feel stressed when the child is away at school. The following are a few important tips from the teachers at Burwood east preschool.

  • Children are a great deal more efficient than what their parents assume tem to be. Instead of fretting over how your child would handle certain tasks, it is often advisable to expect more put of a child. Children are expected to open and pour their own snack and hang their bags and jackets on their own. The thing I that at a preschool children do all these things without an issues. This is why the same behavior should be expected at home. Raising the bar would allow your child to learn some valuable skills.
  • Instead of rushing out to help your child with everything they do, it’s better to observe how they go about the task. Parents are often surprised to see that their children can handle many tasks on their own without any help or intervention. Helicopter parenting or rushing forward often confuses children and doesn’t let them discover their own boundaries. Therefore the teachers at Burwood east pre-school strongly believe in helping children realize their full potential.
  • Instead of redoing the child’s work, it’s better to let things be as they are. This gives children a sense of achievement. The simple fact that they are appreciated for what they have done would be enough to instill confidence in them. Practice makes perfect. So whether it’s something academic or a simple task at home, allow your child to feel a sense of pride in what they have done.

  • Give chores to your children. They love imitating their elders. If they feel they have been given a responsibility they would be more than happy to help. This habit of instilling the ability of doing chores at an early age helps teach children the importance of taking responsibility.
  • At the preschool it’s common to see children working in organized little groups and cooperating with their teachers. Those same kids act way different at home. So how does the teacher do it? They do it by offering praise and helping children develop a predictable routine. Most of the time children respond well to praise and routine habits .Try doing the same t home and see the difference.
  • Instead of scolding the child. Try humoring them. It works most of the time. Stressful situations are common at home. Instead of making a big deal out of the issue, try to instill some humor into the situation. If a child refuses to wear shoes, offer them a choice. You could simply turn it into a game and pretend to be a shopkeeper with a few pair of shoes. Allow your child to pick the ones which they like. This can immediately get them into a fun mood and make things easier as well.

The above mentioned re just few basic tips to help make parenting easier. Being 3 is a pre school in Burwood East. For your child’s complete mental and social development, get in touch with them for more information on their programs and services.

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